Acquire new clients globally and reduce the risk of default

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  • Pocket Money Group

    For Investors, Financial Institutions and Partners

    Creating a new generation of differently banked communities

    By bridging the trust gap between financial framework and users with a brand new digital profiles, Pocket Money opens up opportunities for Licensed Lenders to build up a better performing loan portfolio, acquiring new clients globally and reducing the risk of default.

    Find out moreabout investment opportunities and partnership.

  • Pocket Money Technology

    For Advertisers, Government Bodies and Partners

    Access granular data in emerging markets

    Discover how Pocket Money allows marketers, government bodies and businesses to connect with communities of unbanked and underbanked, in Africa and Southeast Asia.

    Choose a segment of responders and ask for a quotation

  • Pocket Money Micro-Credit

    For Licensed Lender

    Acquire new clients globally and reduce the risk of default

    Take advantage of Pocket Money Index, that measures the social behaviour of potential borrowers by monitoring their earnings used as a form of collateral.

    Register as a Licensed Lender in your country.

  • Pocket Money Marketplace

    For end users aiming to borrow

    Build your financial footprint and gain access to credit

    Use Pocket Money Wallet to exchange currency, send and receive globally and earn micro-rewards. Use your earnings to back your present of future loans.

    Get started by downloading Pocket Money Wallet

  • Pocket Money Social Repayment

    For end users aiming to save

    Monetize your time with family and friends, for your financial future

    Answer questions, complete tasks and measure your perfomance in the Pocket Money Index. Learn about financial education while building your savings.

    Get started by downloading Pocket Money Wallet

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